IELTS Writing Task 2 Problem Solution Essay Topic

While I accept that this policy is good to some extent, I believe it is not the best because there are much better measures to reduce traffic accidents. IELTS StatementParaphrased Statement Some people think that children nowadays are spending an excessive amount of time watching TV or using a computer or mobile phone. Some people think that children nowadays are spending an excessive amount of time watching TV or using a computer or mobile phone.

  • Our misguided friends are worth more than what they show themselves to be.
  • Discussion essays require you to examine both sides of a situation and to conclude by saying which side you favour.
  • Introducing your essay is as important as introducing yourself!
  • This listening practice can really help students overcome any anxiety about participating in conversations.

For example, if the situation in the paper prompt is “obesity and poor fitness,” you may focus on specific aspects of the situation in the introduction. You may look at how the consumption of unhealthy food and the overuse of cars plays into obesity and poor fitness in society. To write a stellar problem solution essay, you must first identify the problem and support your solutions with solid arguments to convince the reader. However, solving a problem through writing can be tricky and isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. A problem solution essay is a form of an argumentative essay which aims to convince readers using facts and appropriate solutions. When writing this essay, you need to consider the problems of a particular situation and provide solutions to them.


It takes some time to put together material for problem solution essay examples college. Sometimes, you may need some inspiration to get you started if you have never done this sort of essay before. We do understand this well, and we can help you find the ideal problem solution essay topics for college. Our team of writers is well-versed with all sorts of problem and solution essay topics, regardless of the difficulty level. A sample will help you write your own in your words or you can tweak it a little then hand it in if it is part of your assignment. An introduction part must provide information about the issue and explain why it matters.

  • For each problem or cause you write about, you should create a topic sentence which introduces each main idea.
  • Each of the body paragraph should begin with the main argument.
  • This solution allows a person to not gain weight by eating healthy and tasty options, instead of eating like a rabbit.

Both of these problems stem from the fact that college students just don’t have any time for healthier options. This weight gain not only affects their eating habits, but it also can greatly affect their self-esteem. Many students, especially girls, may find themselves not feeling as confident after gaining weight.

Writing the Paper

Despite a large number of gyms, a sedentary lifestyle is gaining popularity in the contemporary world. Writing a problem-solution essay should start off by identifying the problem. These IELTS speaking part 2 sample answers cover a mix of topic that may come up in the long turn section of the test. In the developed world, average life expectancy is increasing. Discussion essays require you to examine both sides of a situation and to conclude by saying which side you favour. Find out about writingdefinitions and definition essays in the next section. With obesity levels in industrialized and industrializing countries continuing to rise, it is essential that we take action now to deal with this problem.

What is a problem-solution sample?

What are problem-solution essays? Problem-solution essays consider the problems of a particular situation, and give solutions to those problems. They are in some ways similar to cause and effect essays, especially in terms of structure (see below).

It is through short Scriptures, quotes, or everyday kind words. It is helping her realize the positive potential, pay for assignment the beauty, and the treasure that she is. Her personal realization of her self worth that will lead to a change.

Teacher Support:

Often the situation will address a social, cultural, or historical issue in society. In conclusion, students have many options to solve the problem of avoiding conversations. Choosing to work through one of these solutions will help students improve their English skills and help them build stronger relationships with others. They will be able to take advantage of the time they spend studying in the United States. Since conversations are part of everyday life and can’t be entirely avoided, it is better to conquer the fear through preparation than to limit self-expression. Whether students are talking to a supervisor, a classmate, a roommate, or a date, they will feel empowered to be better conversational partners. When producing a concluding paragraph, you should call readers for action.

  • Some people think that environmental problems should be solved on global scale while other believes it is better to deal with national level.
  • Problem-solution essays are about finding the solution to a problem.
  • If possible, add real-life examples to emphasize your proposed solution.
  • Offer staggering statistics that will shock them into taking sudden interest.

In such questions, there should be two body paragraphs with a minimum of two ideas each. One solution for students to develop more conversational confidence is to learn about current, relevant news. Many international students don’t join conversations because they aren’t sure what to talk about or what other people would be interested in. Students can start this preparation by following a university’s writing problem solution essays social media pages or listening to locallyproduced news. Learning about current events is an easy way to be ready for a casual conversation. Nowadays, people often thought that it is of great value to have a nuclear family instead of having an extended family. For instance, in 2015, UNICEF outcome in their research states that 70 percent of stubborn children are raised in an extended home.


As a writer, you must know the difference between these two and make sure that your essay stays within the defined conventions. Writing a problem-solution type of essay is like having an argument without actually arguing. A Reasonable SolutionAfter the writer has explained the problem, the writer presents the solution to the problem.

writing problem solution essays

Countries around the world will be facing significant challenges related not only to the environment, but pollution and education as well. Although most people are reacher than in the past, modern life seems very stressful and the number of people are suffering from is at record level. What are the main causes of stress in modern life and how could stress be reduced. Some businesses find that their new employees lack basic interpersonal skills such as cooperative skills.

Problem Solution Essay Topics

This listening practice can really help students overcome any anxiety about participating in conversations. This is a problem-solution worksheet for introducing the problem-solution essay and brainstorming ideas for problem-solution essay topics. Students try to describe the problems and write 3 possible solutions for the predicaments college admissions essay editing service in each picture. At the bottom of the the page they transform their ideas into complete sentences. Revising activities help students elaborate their ideas, providing details that answer the readers’ chief questions about the problem and solution. Students then add transitions and key words to guide the reader.

I also went into college believing I would have to fight this same problem too. The college soon got in the way though, and I wasn’t able to work out as much as I would have liked. As time went on, I gradually came to terms buy assignment paper with the fact that I would probably gain weight while I was in college and had probably already gained some. It wasn’t until I went to the health center on Baylor’s campus that I realized I had actually lost weight.

Critical Thinking and Problem solving

Include a description of a problem with statistical data or references. All problems and solutions examples must include strong argumentation and references. This is where you explain whether you could achieve your solution to the problem. Since you may talk about a practical task, you should explore problem and solution examples that will show you how to connect your thesis statement to your achievements.

Through these three small steps, we can help produce a big effect. Explain why your solution is feasible and answer any objections that have surrounded this solution. Twitter can employ factcheckers in order to prevent the spread of fake news. On account of trusting news on Facebook, many people have been scammed. You can also show the paper to a peer, friend, or family member and get them to proofread it for you.

Starting the Paper

To sum up, there is no doubt that the problem of too much screen time is becoming increasingly serious for the youth of today. Your conclusion for any IELTS writing task 2 essay is very important as without it, you will not score above a band score 6.0 in Task achievement. Writing down any useful vocabulary for IELTS that comes to mind during the planning process could improve your score in Lexical resources. Ask yourself if you know any idioms, collocations or other unusual IELTS essay vocabulary linked to your essay topic. First, an issue or obstacle is posed, then a solution or series of solutions is suggested to resolve that issue or obstacle. Talk to one of the representatives here at

You want as much information as possible so that you can describe the problem in detail. How many deaths each year are the result of prescription drug abuse? How many people in the United States are addicted to prescription drugs?

Problem-solution essays are about finding the solution to a problem. The essay should describe the problem and its consequences. They are used in school, and they can be part of IELTS exams. This kind of essay is different from both an argumentative essay or a persuasive one because it focuses on arguments and discusses different problems with their consequences. Learn more about writing an engaging problem-solution essay by reading this blog. Here’s the short and sweet on what this type of essay is and how you can make your essay shine. Are you struggling with how to write a problem-solution essay?

What is introduction in cause-and-effect essay?

The cause-and-effect essay opens with a general introduction to the topic, which then leads to a thesis that states the main cause, main effect, or various causes and effects of a condition or event.

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